Available in 6”, 12”, & 18”

Bay Plastics Machinery Air Knives help keep your extrusion process a cut above the rest.

Our machine uses dual air nozzle dryers to quickly and completely dry thermoplastic strands before pelletizing, keeping pellets water free. The open air design allows easy maintenance and operation of the strand dryer, and the strand guides are coated with a wear-resistant surface, preventing damage due to repeated use of the Air Knife thermoplastic strand dryer. The components of the Air Knife are rustproof to prevent water corrosion.

The strand guide, height, and nozzle angle are all adjustable, enabling the calibration of the dryer to suit your production line’s needs, and the Air Knife is available in three different sizes.  Removing water from thermoplastic strands has never been easier than with the AK Series Air Knife.

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Model A. Dim HP CFM
AK-06 6”(150) 2 335
AK-12 12”(305) 3 495
AK-18 18”(450) 3 495