Sometimes, to think big, you have to think small.

US Patent #7,393,201

That’s why we at Bay Plastics Machinery designed and patented the world’s first and only micro strand pelletizer. The result of our efforts is the X- Class Micro strand pelletizer, capable of cutting strands into pellets as small as 0.015″ (0.4mm) in length. The crucial component behind our micro-pelletizing process lies behind the design of the pelletizer. Simply scaling down a conventional pelletizer would not be suitable because turbulence created by the spinning rotor would result in the micropellets getting pushed into uncontrollable areas of the pelletizer. By engineering a pelletizer to reduce turbulence and minimize the uncontrollable area, we have created a pelletizer that maximizes the production of micropellets.

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With a simple internal upper feedroll drive system that has been proven to be successful worldwide, no external gear box is required.  A large range of thermoplastics can be pelletized, from master batch to glass-filled thermoplastics.

Our X-Class Micro pelletizer was designed and built with longevity in mind, and features a heavy-gauge, stainless steel construction.


Safety: A safety interlock system. There are no safety hazards which can be reached with the guards  in place.

Maintainability: Our design is extremely rugged. The use of clamps makes it easy to release the pressure without having to deal with loose hand knobs, which can be  damaged or lost.

Pneumatic Cylinders: Large bore cylinders are used for a greater pulling force, and are far less expensive to replace than the competitor’s.

Other Standards

Eccentric-mounted bearings for rotor gap settings

Four-edged, solid tungsten-carbide bed knife

Patent-pending rotor design

Hypalon-covered upper feedroll

AC variable frequency drive