Available in 12”, 16”, 24”, & 32”

Never worry about wet strands again. The Vacuum Air Knife from Bay Plastics Machinery solves the problem of wet strands with a two-pronged strategy; while a blower blasts the strands with pressurized air, a vacuum sucks in air and water. Our testing has found this combination of positive and negative air pressure to be the most effective means of drying strands prior to pelletizing.

The air for the blower and the vacuum is supplied by one intake system. The vacuumed air is passed through a filtering chamber called a demister, which separates the air and water. The water continues to the bottom of the suction box, and is expelled through a self-regulating valve, and the air is redirected through the blower and a silencer.

The distance between the positive pressure nozzle and the strands is approximately 1” to 1-1/2”.  To ease start up, the positive pressure nozzles of the VAK Series Vacuum Air Knife can be lifted up to allow the placement and alignment of strands.

To maximize contact area with the strands, the vacuum table is slightly bowed, and grooved rolls position the strands on the table, resulting in even and complete drying. Make wet strands history. Make the switch to the VAK Series Vacuum Air Knife.

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Model Working Width HP CFM SP H2O
VAK 12 12” (305) 7.5 2,224 8”
VAK 16 16” (406) 7.5 2,224 8”
VAK 24 24” (610) 25 3,531 16”
VAK 32 32” (813) 25 3,531 16”