Here at Bay Plastics Machinery, we pride ourselves in manufacturing a high caliber product available at an affordable price. That’s why our Flash-Off Conveyors were designed to save both your time and money.  Our conveyor is self-stranding, making startup and production as effortless as possible. Our conveyors are as versatile as they come, with the ability to be adapted to a variety of extruders and water slides, whether they’re our machines or one of our competitors.  The Flash-Off Conveyors use evaporation technology to quickly and completely dry your extruded strands. Additionally, they’re gentle enough to process delicate thermoplastics, like biodegradable, wood-infused, glass-filled, and water-soluble compounds. The Flash-Off Conveyors are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 4”-40” wide and 6’-35’ long.

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