BP50 Lab & Light production Pelletizer

Need a strand pelletizer fast?  Bay Plastics Machinery is now stocking its model BP50 strand pelletizer for lab and light production applications, with the capacity to run 8 – 1/8” diameter strands (400-800 pounds per hour).  The newly designed BP50 is ideal for the manufacture looking for a durable strand pelletizer offering the latest technology that is reasonably priced.   The concept of the BP50 came from listening to our customers.  They wanted a compact pelletizer that offers better strand control, flexible discharge options and a unit that is easy to clean.

This compact strand pelletizer offers a near vertical discharge to reduce wear and pellet deflection, and can be configured as a right-hand or left-hand drum discharge.   To offer better strand control the distance from the feed rolls to the cut point has been reduced by nearly 40%, and the BP50 offers a clear view inside the cutting chamber during operation.  The tool-less entry into the cutting chamber allows the BP50 operator to change over materials in just a few minutes without the fear of cross contamination.

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Optional Equipment

Every BP50 pelletizer has an array of standard options which can supplement your pelletizing operation. These options are listed below:

Spare Parts: Model a custom spare parts package to your particular needs. Bay Plastics Machinery offers spare tool steel rotors, spare upper feed rolls, spare lower feed rolls, spare bed knives, and spare carbide tipped rotors. By purchasing spare parts with an original machine order it will save on any downtime that could be associated to sharpening or replacement of common wear items.

Stellite Tipped Rotor Upgrade: A stellite tipped rotor offers repairability at a reasonable expense.  This option is available for the 20 tooth and 36 tooth rotors.

Carbide Rotor Upgrade: A carbide tipped rotor will last longer than a tool steel rotor in similar applications. Having a carbide tipped rotor is also recommended for more demanding applications. This option is available for the 20 tooth rotor only.

Hard Coat Anodized Chamber: Anodized components in the cutting chamber will increase the resistance of corrosion, extending the overall lifetime of the pelletizer.

Stainless Steel Base: For the best overall corrosion resistance this option for a stainless steel base can be coupled with the anodized cutting chamber.

Chrome Plated Wear Package: Areas of the pelletizer that are normally replaced often with exposure to abrasive strands and pellets are hardened & hard chrome plated to reduce wear and increase life.

Right or Left Hand Operation: Due to the lateral discharge feature of this pelletizer, either right or left hand operation is available at time of purchase. Consult your Bay Plastics Machinery representative for inquiries or details.

Pelletizer Model BP50
Working Width 2.0  Inch 50mm
Strand Rating* 4 to 8 4 to 8
Std. Strand Velocity 15 to 210 ft/min 4.5 to 64 m/min
Std. Rate per Strand** 50 lb/hr 23 kg/hr
Motor Size (Rotor) 2 HP 1.5 kW
Max. Rotor Speed 1000 rev/min
Voltage 230/460 Volts – 3 Phase
Type Of Drive AC Vector (Open Loop)
Amp Draw (F.L.A.) 6 amps at 230v / 3 amps at 460v
Std Qty of Cutting Edges (Rotor) 20
Cutting Edge Qty (Bed Knife) 4
Optional Cutting Edges (Rotor) 36
Weight 300 lbs 137 kg
*    Up to eight strands of olefins, up to four strands of engineered resins

**  Based on 0.125 inch (3.18mm) strand diameter, 0.125 inch (3.18mm) long pellets, and material with a specific gravity of 1.0

(Due to continuous improvements, specifications may change without notice. Please contact a Bay Plastics Machinery sales representative for the most current information.)