Proof Is In The Process

At Bay Plastics Machinery, we pride ourselves in providing the highest degree of personalized care to our customers. In keeping with this tradition, we offer individualized recommendations for downstream extrusion configurations based off of results in our on-site strand pelletizing lab. In our lab trials, we alter throughput rates, cooling methods, drying methods, and machine models to determine the best possible configuration for optimizing your extrusion line. Our strand pelletizing lab offers a large assortment of pelletizing equipment to perform tests capable of accommodating almost any variety of thermoplastic you wish to pelletize.

To perform our tests, we have two different extruders available: To test standard pelletizing applications producing pellets 1mm and larger, we have a 53 mm twin-screw extruder.  The newest addition to our lab is a 30 mm single-screw extruder to produce micro pellets typically from 1mm to .2mm in size, but we are willing to explore as small of a pellet as your application requires.   We currently have two models of pelletizers available in our lab; the Z08 Pelletizer and the AXP08 Pelletizer. These are both mid-sized pelletizers, capable of pelletizing up to 40 1/8” strands simultaneously.

Manual Strand Pelletizing

The Bay Plastics offers a variety of water cooling systems, we currently have two WBX Series units available in our lab. They are 9 ft. and 20 ft. systems, and, due to their differences in length, have varied capabilities in thermoplastic strand cooling. Our water baths have variable flows and variable heights, allowing them to be adapted to meet most extrusion line needs.

Auto-Strand Pelletizing

The BPM lab currently has various size wet-cut water slides and dry-cut water slide flash-off conveyor system capabilities:

Wet-Cut Water slide systems available with a self-contained water recirculation/filtration system, and spin dryer for water separation and drying.

Flash-Off conveyors, available in 12 ft. and 20 ft. lengths. These conveyor belt systems dry and cool strands by using evaporation to carry away moisture and heat to condition the strands prior to being pelletized.  Available without a water slide or with a 12” (300mm) long water sluice for specialty materials that require very little contact with water, or a standard slide for various applications.

Additionally, our lab has moisture analysis capabilities. Our machine line-up is constantly growing, so contact us to see if any new machines are available. To determine recommended machines for lab trials, contact us, and we will work with you to determine the best configuration for your material’s needs.