The DX Pelletizer

The DX Strand Pelletizer has a compact design, equipped with an anti-flyback cutting chamber, as well as precision machined components. The DX Strand Pelletizer has an incredible combination of economical operation, a long service life, while also having both the highest performance and throughput.

Compact Design:

The DX Strand Pelletizer is equipped with a Sound Dampening System. The Sound Dampening System comes standard in our DX Strand Pelletizer package. The cutting chamber is isolated from all other components of the pelletizer to reduce noise levels.

The Rotor in the DX Strand Pelletizer can be a replaceable segment, milling type helical design or solid type with replaceable blades. The DX Strand Pelletizer rotors are available in many different materials. Tool steels, stellite tipped, contamination free cemented carbide and replaceable carbide inserts. Particular designs are reliant on the cutting application.

The Stand Infeed assembly consisting of the infeed table and a set of feedrolls. The Strand Infeed is designed to ensure great control of the strands. The design and the feedroll positioning allow for superb pulling force on the strands without requiring the support of the upper feedroll.

The stainless steel Lower Feedroll is driven by a set of change gears in the rotor. A serrated finish is the standard for the lower feedrolls. Lower feedrolls with a different finish are available as requested. These options include knurled, smooth, and other friction coatings are available in carbide or ceramic coatings.

A stainless steel core and elastic covering make up the Upper Feedroll. The elastic covering is tolerant enough to take on any discrepancy in strand diameter – resulting in few dropped strands. The elastic covering is typically Hypalon material, unique coverings are available for higher temperatures and/or highly abrasive materials.

The Cutting Head can be changed in a couple of minutes. In most scenarios, this is more advantageous than repairing the machine on line. It is also typically more financially sound than having an extra pelletizer.


Easy on-line maintenance:

The DX Strand Pelletizers comes equipped with easy access. The interior of the machine can be both evaluated and cleaned with ease.

Bay Plastics Machinery utilizes a particular liner in the noise cover. This liner features a cut resistant surface that is smooth. Sheet metal is not used, due to its nature of collecting contaminations.

Parts that are mounted above the mounting plate are made with materials that are corrosion resistant. The sound cover is included.


Other Features:

  • Safety: A safety interlock system. There are no pinch points which can be reached with the sound hood in place.
  • Cleanability: Our robust design is exceptionally rugged with its slide rail system. The use of clamps makes it easy to release the pressure without having to deal with loose hand knobs which can be  damaged or lost.
  • Repairable Stellite Rotors: If the rotor tooth is damaged, bent or completely broken, we can repair a single tooth or all of them. This is possible due to the proprietary welding process developed by Bay Plastics Machinery.
Pelletizer Type 300 500 600
Working Width (A dim.) mm (inch) 600 (23.6) 800 (31.5) 1000 (39.4)
Strand Rating 3 mm (1/8 in.) 150 200 250
Std Strand Speed m/mim (FPM) 30-90 (100-300) 30-90 (100-300) 30-90 (100-300)
Motor Size kW (HP) 30 (40) 37 (50) 45 (60)
Type of drive AC Variable Frequency Inverter



Specific Gravity


Throughput kg/hr (lb/hr)

Based on 3mm x 3mm pellets @ 90 m/min (300 FPM)

PP, PE 0.90 5,150 (11,330) 6,870 (15,110) 8,585 (18,900)
PA 11, PA 12 1.00 5,725 (12,595) 7,630 (16,785) 9,540 (20,990)
PMMA, GPPS, SAN 1.05 6,010 (13,220) 8,015 (17,630) 10,015 (22,030)
ASA, HIPS, ABS 1.05 6,010 (13,220) 8,015 (17,630) 10,015 (22,030)
PUR 1.10 6,295 (13,850) 8,395 (18,470) 10,495 (23,090)
PA 6/6 1.15 5,920 (13,025) 7,895 (17,370) 9,870 (21,715)
PET, PBT, PC 1.20 6,180 (13,600) 6,180 (18,125) 10,305 (22,670)

PA 6 (non extracted)

2.5 mm dia. X 2.5mm long


4,665 (10,265)

160 strands

6,120 (13,465)

210 strands

7,725 (16,995)

265 strands

PET, PBT, PC, PA 6/6, PA 6, +15.50% GF 1.30 5,950 (13,090) 7,440 (16,370) 9,300 (20,460)


B mm (inches) 400 (15.7) 600 (23.6) 800 (39.4)
C mm (inches) 1,650 (65.0) 1,850 (72.8) 2,050 (84.4)
D mm (inches) 2,055 (80.9) 2,255 (88.8) 2,455 (96.6)
E mm (inches) 1,850 (82.8) 2,050 (84.4) 2,250 (88.6)
F mm (inches) 760 (29.9) 860 (33.9) 960 (37.8)