If you’re looking for a dependable, maintainable, and cost-effective pelletizer, then look no further than the SB Series of pelletizers from Bay Plastics Machinery. Designed for a larger lab or small production line, the SB Series of strand pelletizers is capable of running constantly and consistently, yet is also suitable for less intensive lab trials.

The SB Series strand pelletizer was designed with safety and simplicity in mind. The intake and discharge chutes of the pelletizer are easily removed for cleaning, and the cutting chamber cover can be opened without any tools or difficulty. A safety interlock prevents the pelletizer from running without the intake chute correctly in place and the pelletizer meets or exceeds all OSHA standards. A Push/Pull system for adjusting the distance between the rotor and the tungsten carbide bed knife allows precise gap control, ensuring pellets are cut with uniform lengths. And, like all BPM products, the SB Series Pelletizers are designed and assembled in the U.S.

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Standard Features

  • Easy Access: No tools required to open the exterior cutting chamber cover.
  • Safety: A unique interlock system prevents one’s ability to bypass the switch with a simple bolt or pen.
  • Maintainability: Our design is rugged and easy to clean.
  • Feed Table: This machine is supplied with removable feed table assembly.
  • Upper Feedroll: With a simple design, the upper roll remains parallel to the lower feedroll while multiple strands are being processed, resulting in a uniform pulling force on all strands
  • Pulling Force: Large pneumatic cylinder and upper roll design this unit out performs all others in its class.
  • Pneumatic Cylinder: This cylinder is a large 2 1/2” bore and located on the cover for optimal pulling force and conveniently swings away for cleaning.

Other Standards

  • Push-Pull bed knife adjustment
  • Eccentric mounted bearings for lower feed roll gap control
  • Four-edged, solid tungsten-carbide bed knife
  • Stellite-tipped rotor
  • Diamond-knurled lower feedroll
  • Hypalon-covered upper feedroll
  • AC variable frequency drive
  • Stainless steel cutting chamber
  • Aluminum cover assembly and aluminum top plate
  • Removable Discharge Chute & Push-Pull Bed
  • Knife Gap Adjustment
  • Clean & Simple design
  • Easily removable infeed chute for thorough cleaning