Available in 4” & 8”
Rates of 500-2,500 lb/hr

For your medium –sized production needs, look no further than the Z Series Pelletizer from Bay Plastics Machinery. Capable of pelletizing up to 40 strands simultaneously, the Z Series is perfect for any variation of thermoplastic pelletizing.

The Z Series of pelletizers features a new design that eliminates the concerns associated with the outdated design of pelletizers. The bed knife holder is now supported on the reinforced Isolation Plate, which prevents unwanted movement of the bed knife. This means tighter, more controllable gaps between the bed knife and rotor of the pelletizer, as well as increased durability of the machine. For a reliable, time-tested, and medium production-sized pelletizer, look no further than the Z Series from Bay Plastics Machinery.

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  • Supported Bed Knife Holder—This allows us to hold a tighter cutting gap. With the old hanging bed knife design, the gap would change as more load was applied to the feed table..
  • Rust Free Cutting Chamber—Competitors use tool steel components in certain material contact areas of the cutting chamber, contaminating the finished product.
  • Removable Feed Table—The feed table is now suspended on a large diameter pin, and a keyway has been added so that the doctor blade gap can be set and held. The cutting chamber cover applies pressure to the feed table to secure it in place.
  • Increased Rotor Shaft Diameter— has been increased to eliminate costly failures.
  • Eliminated Spur Change Gears— Replaced with a quieter and maintenance-free serpentine belt system.
  • Eccentric Lower Feedroll— The gap between the Doctor blade and the bed knife can be adjusted, eliminating a common contamination point.
  • Chrome-Plated Rotor Shaft— Eliminates galling. With the old design, the rotor shaft would wear away, resulting in costly repair or replacement.
  • Removable Discharge Chute—The discharge chute is now supported on tracks. Only one bolt must be removed to clean the entire chute.
  • Designed, Built, and Manufactured in the U.S. for the North American Market—The competition is designed and manufactured in Europe for their market. We only use parts available for immediate delivery to our North American customers. 

Other Features

  • Safety: The cover closures prevent the cover from being opened until all components are stopped. The safety interlock system is OSHA approved. There are no pinch points which can be reached with the cover in place.
  • Maintainability: Our design is extremely rugged, and with the removable feed table, it offers our customers ease of cleaning and quick material change overs.
  • Repairable Stellite Rotors: If a rotor tooth is damaged, bent or completely broken out, we can repair a single tooth or all of them. This is possible due to the proprietary welding process developed by Bay Plastics Machinery.
  • Other Standards: Eccentric mounted bearings for lower feedroll gap settings, four edge solid tungsten carbide bed knife, 32-tooth Stellite-tipped rotor, special diamond-knurled lower feedroll, Hypalon-covered upper feedroll, AC variable frequency drive

Optional Features

  • 32 Blade Wedge Lock Rotor
  • Up to 16 Blade Bolt On Type Rotor
  • Wear Package
  • Available in Various Tooth Stellite Tipped Rotor
  • Tool Steel Rotors
  • Special Bed Knife Materials
  • Dual Drive with Independent Control of Feedroll Speed and Rotor Speed
  • Additional Horse Power Motors
  • Special Coverings on Upper Feedroll
  • Special Surfaces and Coatings on Lower Feedroll
  • Custom Heights
  • Custom Discharge Chute Configurations
  • Work Platforms
  • Water Baths
  • Vacuum Strand Dryers
  • Pressure Air Knifes
  • Flash Off Conveyor

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The Z Series Pelletizer Z04 Z08
Strand Rating 1/8 in. 20 40
Std. Strand Speed FPM 85-250 85-250
Motor Size (other sizes available upon request) HP 5 10
Type of Drive  AC Variable Frequency Inverter
Typical Throughput 80 LB/Strand (Based on 1/8” x 1/8” pellets @ 250 FPM)
A (Nominal Feed Width) inches 4 8
B (Discharge Width) inches 5 9
Base Width inches 32 32
Weight (estimated) Lbs 1,450 1,775
Power Requirement (Based on single drive and standard motor HP) FLA 8.5 (5Hp) 15 (10Hp)