Stellite Rotor

All of our stellite rotors start out with a high quality stainless steel base material to which we machine and then hand weld the stellite to the base.  The hand welding is critical for repair ability of damaged teeth.  Stellite rotors are ideal for any unfilled or lightly filled materials, and are easily and completely repairable. Entire teeth can be removed and replaced.

Wedge Lock

Our wedge lock rotors are made of a base material 17-4 PH stainless steel coated with tungsten carbide.  This rotor is ideal for any filled material. All wedge lock rotors have carbide blades of our own proprietary specifications that outlast the competition, and are easily replaced.

Bolt-On Rotors

Bolt-on blade rotors have changeable blades for easy repair, and feature optional carbide coating. Bolt-on rotors can be configured to have from 2 to 16 teeth.  These are BPM’S standard rotors for the Pultrusion Pelletizers.

Tool Steel

Classified between stellite and carbide. These rotors are made out of Z420PM tool steel. They are designed to cut some lightly filled and unfilled material. This rotor is not repairable.

Cemented Carbide

Cemented carbide blades can be changed for repair, but they have to be resoldered and ground in. These rotors are mainly used in smaller machines 100mm (4”) and down. If requested in a larger pelletizer, the rotor will be manufactured in 100mm sections that are capped together on a rotor shaft. They can have up to 32 teeth.


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