Available in 4” (100mm) & 8” (200mm)

The ZE Series pelletizers are the most robust cantilever machines in the industry!  Although they carry the same rotor, upper feed roll and bed knife as the previous Z Series, this new cost-effective design is now offered as a more affordable option yet without compromising the heavy-duty performance.

One feature boasted by the Z Series and ZE Series is the fully supported bed knife by the reinforced isolation plate.  This support under the bed knife holder makes the cut system more durable for holding a consistent tight cutting gap.  History has shown that the Z Series pelletizer is tried-and-true to the pelletizing industry, nothing less is expected from the ZE Series.

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    • A reinforced isolation plate fully supports the bed knife holder thus making the cut system more durable and consistent for holding a specifically defined gap.
    • The eccentric adjusting lower feed roll closes the gap to the hardened doctor blade, decreasing the nip distance by almost 10%.
    • The utilization of a serpentine belt instead of spur gears creates a quieter, maintenance free option.
    • The upper feed roll is electronically actuated, so there’s no pressure on it when the pelletizer is powered down.
    • The redesigned feed table can be easily tilted out of the way, allowing complete access to the cutting chamber. This reduces the time it takes to clean the machine and purge any pellets from a previous run, as well as eliminating the potential for dropping and damaging the feed table during maintenance or changeover.
    • Motors are mounted external to the frame for the best cooling efficiency while keeping moving drive line components within the guarded framework. (optional motor cover available)
    • A straight discharge chute was designed for a better, less interrupted flow of cut pellets from the rotor to the discharge basin.

Other Features

          • Safety: A zero speed safety switch prevents the cutting chamber door from being opened until all components have stopped.
          • Clean ability: Although this cantilever design is extremely rugged, it was designed with a pivoting feed table and upper feed roll for quick and easy material changeover.
          • Repairable Stellite Rotors: If the rotor tooth is damaged, bent or completely broken out we can repair a single tooth or all of them. This is possible due to the proprietary welding process developed by Bay Plastics Machinery.

Optional Features

          • 32 blade wedge lock rotor
          • Up to 16 blade bolt on type rotor
          • Wear package
          • Available in various tooth stellite tipped rotor
          • Tool steel rotors
          • Special bed knife materials
          • Dual drive for pellet length adjustment
          • DPLC (Digital Pellet Length Control)
          • Additional horse power motors
          • Special coverings on upper feedroll
          • Special surfaces and coatings on lower feedroll
          • Floor locking (and/or) leveling screws
          • Sound enclosure with hinged door
          • Custom heights
          • Custom discharge



Pelletizer Model ZE100 ZE200
US Metric US Metric
Cutting Width 3.94 inch 100 mm 7.87 inch 200 mm
Strand Qty Rating(1) 20 40
Standard Strand Velocity(2) 80-260 ft/min 24-79 m/min 80-260 ft/min 24-79 m/min
Standard Rate per Strand(3) up to 106 lbs/hr up to 48 kg/hr up to 106 lbs/hr up to 48 kg/hr
Motor Size, Rotor 5 HP 4 kW 10 HP 7.5 kW
Motor Size, Rotor (optional) 7.5 HP 5.5 kW 15 HP 11 kW
Rotor Speed(2) 400-1000 rev/min 400-1000 rev/min
Feed Roll Drive Type Serpentine Belt Serpentine Belt
Voltage 230-460 200-400 230-460 200-400
Type of Drive AC Vector (Open Loop) AC Vector (Open Loop)
Rotor Dia x Width 7.87″ x 3.94″ 200mm x 100mm 7.87″ x 7.87″ 200mm x 200mm
Std Qty of Cutting Edges (Rotor) 32 32
Optional Qty of Cutting Edges (Rotor)(4) 16, 46, 64 16, 46, 64
Cutting Edge Qty (Bed Knife) 4 4
Weight (Base Model) 1000 lbs 454 kg 1200 lbs 544 kg
(1) Based on 60% fill of the feed throat with 0.125 inch (3.18mm) strand diameter
(2) Values shown are for production rates, speeds outside this range are possible with either limitations or additional options; material dependent.
(3) Calculated on 0.125 inch (3.18 mm) strand diameter, 0.125 inch (3.18 mm) long pellets, and material with a specific gravity of 1.0
(4) Requires dual drive