The Bench Top 25 Lab Series of pelletizers from Bay Plastics Machinery has the features of a production-scale pelletizer in a size suitable for laboratory use. Although the BT 25 pelletizer is small in size, the range of strands it can pelletize is anything but small. The BT 25 Pelletizer can pelletize anything from rubber-like strands to glass-reinforced thermoplastic resins.

The BT 25 Lab Series Pelletizer has tool-free access to the cutting chamber, which makes it easy access for cleaning and maintenance.  The BT 25 Pelletizer can manage up to four 1/8” diameter strands of olefins, or two 1/8” diameter strands of engineered resins. The BT25 lab pelletizer has a standard line pelletizing speed range of 20 to 78 feet per minute. For more demanding applications, we offer a High Speed option, which achieve a line speed of 40 to 156 FPM. And for applications requiring lower line speed, a Low Speed version which runs from 4 to 40 FPM is also available.

Equipped with independent drives for the feedroll and cutter, this machine can change pellet sizes with the turn of a knob. With so many features packed in a compact pelletizer, this unit will compliment any lab facility.

Optional Features: Carbide-tipped rotor, water bath, pelletizer support stand, support stand for water bath, and a custom water recirculation systems, compressed – air knife.

A Uni-Base option is a complete pelletizing system perfectly suited for small runs. With the Uni-Base design, the pelletizer is mounted on a base consisting of a 6 foot-long water bath and air knife. The air knife comes equipped with flow control, a guard, and a drip tray.

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BT 25 Lab Series Pelletizer  
Working Width 1.0 inch 25mm
Strand Rating (1) 2-4 2-4
Std. Strand Velocity 20-78 ft/min 6-24 m/min
Std. Rate per Strand (2) 25 lb/hr 11 kg/hr
Optional Strand Velocity 40-155 ft/min  12-48 m/min
Opt. Rate per Strand (2) 50 lb/hr 22 kg/hr
Motor Size (Rotor) 3/4 HP 0.55 kW
Motor Size (Feedroll) 1/17 HP 0.04 kW
Max. Rotor Speed 800 RPM
Voltage 110 volts Single Phase
Type of Drives DC
Amp Draw 12.9 Amp
Std. No. of cutting edges Rotor 12
No. of cutting edges Bed Knife 8
Opt. No. of cutting edges Rotor 6
(1) Up to four strands of Olefins,  Up to two strands of engineered resins

(2) Based on 1/8” strand diameter, 1/8” long pellets, and material with specific gravity of 1.0