The P-Series Pultrusion puller is designed to tightly grip and convey several strands of material with high tension demands to a downstream pelletizer. It was developed and engineered for continuous use in high production runs.

Bay Plastics Machinery has designed this puller to efficiently handle a wide range of polymers reinforced with various roving’s, the P-Series puller compliments the Pultrusion pelletizer line offered by Bay Plastics Machinery. The largest of this particular series puller is designed to accept up to a 40” width of uniform strands laying in-line with no overlapping. The maximum quantity of strands relies in either the total tension requirement of all strands or the physical lateral stack-up of the strand widths.

Through the traction surface, each puller is equipped to deliver maximum pull force with minimal impact on the Pultruded material. The strands are kept straight through the puller with no bending or flexing to avoid internal fiber separation. Additionally, the overall area in which the clamping force is distributed limits stress cracking of the strands as well as increasing the lifetime of the traction surface itself.

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The strands entering the puller are threaded manually at startup and grasped by the opposing traction assemblies. The upper traction assembly is pneumatically actuated and applies a force downward through the strands supported by the stationary lower traction assembly. Each of the traction assemblies apply a clamp force as well as a linear pull force at a required speed during operation. Upon exiting the puller, it is recommended to feed the strands into a BXP”P” Series Pultrusion pelletizer. Serviceability and maintenance have not been ignored, each traction assembly has carefully selected components to increase productive up-time and reduce maintenance downtime. Safety of the operator and maintenance personnel has also been incorporated to the many features of the P-Series Pultrusion puller.

Several standard configurations of the P-Series puller exist as well as the capability to be fully customized in order to fit any application.

Optional Equipment

Every P-Series puller has a comprehensive array of standard options which can supplement your pelletizing operation. Please see available options listed below:

High Speed Option: This option is used for strand-line speed ranging from 120 to 250 feet per minute (36.5 to 75 meters per minute) and includes increased horsepower and chain upgrades.

Spare Parts: Model a custom spare parts package to your particular needs. Bay Plastics Machinery offers spare cleats, chain, and cleat and chain assemblies. Spare bearings as well as other driveline components are also available. By purchasing spare parts with an original machine order it will save on any downtime that could be associated to replacement of common wear items.

Oscillating Strand Comb: The infeed strand guide assembly is outfitted with a drive motor to shift the comb laterally in a slow reciprocating motion. This will distribute any wear from the strands across the width of the cleat evenly, eliminating grooving and prolonging the traction surface service lifetime.

Carbon Fiber Electrics: Electrical cabinets are sealed to prevent contamination and short circuiting from conductive fibers and dust.

Pelletizer DPLC Integration: Integration with any Bay Plastics Machinery pultrusion pelletizer equipped with dual motors. The Digital Pellet Length Control known amongst BPM pelletizers is built into the puller touchscreen, using the puller as the speed master while managing a constant speed differential between the puller and pelletizer, reducing startup woes and operator fatigue.

Floor Turnbuckles: Each puller has floor mounting pads, but turnbuckles are available if further floor stabilization is required. Under normal circumstances each foot pad is required to be lagged to floor, if the puller is to be moved between extrusion lines often, the turnbuckles can quickly be disconnected for increased mobility and are suitable for full stabilization if used on their own.

P-Series Standard Specifications
Traction Contact Length 32 Inch 812 mm
Standard Strand Velocity 1 to 120 ft/min 0.3 to 36 m/min
Optional Strand Velocity* 250 ft/min 75 m/min
Rated Pulling Force 4000 lbs 1800 kg
Optional Pulling Force* 6000 lbs 2700 kg
Standard Motor Size (Each) 10 HP x 2 7.45 kw x 2
Max Motor Size (Each)* 30 HP x 2 22.4 kw x 2
Voltage 230-460 Volts 3 Phase
Type Of Drives Dual Closed Loop AC Vector
Traction Surface Cleated Chain Assembly
Standard Cleat Quantity 140 Total (70 Each Beam)
Cleat Description 70-75 Duro Grey SBR on Aluminum
Available Contact Widths 24, 32, 40 Inch 610, 810, 1015mm
Weight (Approximate) 40 Inch – 9000 lbs

32 Inch – 8250 lbs

24 Inch – 7500 lbs

1015 mm – 4090 kg

810   mm – 3750 kg

610   mm – 3410 kg

*    Consult your Bay Plastics Machinery Representative for available options