Parts and Service Support

Our full-time service engineers have over 30 years of experience working with customers to Identify and deliver the parts they need as quickly and affordably as possible. They can provide support for any model or brand of pelletizer, and offer a wide variety of spare parts, including rotors, feed rolls, bearings,  bed knives, doctor blades, and more. With over $1 million in spare parts in stock, Bay Plastics Machinery is your go-to choice for keeping your thermoplastic strand pelletizing lines running effectively.

Bay Plastics Machinery has an experienced parts team
that delivers when you need them most.

We are committed to giving you the highest level of parts service in the industry – the attention you deserve and have come to expect from Bay Plastics Machinery. You can call directly to talk with one of the full time staff of highly trained, experienced professionals who are ready to help you select the parts you need and expedite them to your plant. For the fastest service have the model number and serial number of your equipment available when you call. Bay Plastics Machinery cares about providing you with customer service that is second to none. No matter your location you can expect Bay Plastics Machinery to be there when you need us.

When you contact Bay Plastics Machinery for help you’re looking for quick and accurate resolutions to your product or processing problem from someone who knows your product and understands your business. That’s just what you’ll get from Bay Plastics Machinery…highly-trained, experienced professionals ready to help you with fast, easy no-hassle service consultation.

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Manufacturing Support

Our manufacturing support group is capable of answering any of your questions regarding the operation and/or implementation of any one of our products.  Our shop crew is also capable of renovating non-Bay Plastics Machinery pelletizers of multiple varieties back to their factory condition.

Preventative Maintenance is critical to your success

Unscheduled downtime is the most difficult, unpredictable part of running an efficient, profitable plant. A good preventative maintenance program prevents that unscheduled downtime. Preventative maintenance keeps you up and running at optimal levels, protecting you against business losses due to production delays and unnecessary downtime.

A good preventative maintenance program:

  • assures production of a higher quality final product
  • minimizes energy consumption
  • eliminates premature replacement of equipment
  • allows for economical scheduling of maintenance versus emergency repairs due to breakdown – which can lead to expensive over time and shipping costs
  • means minor routine repairs versus large-scale, production-halting repairs and
  • improves safety conditions


Let us help you with your Preventative Maintenance

Finding the time and the expertise to audit your internal preventative maintenance program can be nearly impossible. That’s why Bay Plastics Machinery offers a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Factory-trained Bay Plastics Machinery Service personnel can be scheduled to perform preventative maintenance procedures on your Bay Plastics Machinery equipment – once a year, quarterly, monthly –whatever best fits with your needs, from Bay City, Michigan to Beijing, China we can service your equipment wherever we are needed.. Advanced scheduling of this service allows Bay Plastics Machinery to optimize travel and labor costs enabling us to pass these savings on to you.

During the preventative maintenance audit Bay Plastics Machinery personnel can make recommendations for replacing parts, on-hand spare parts, possible equipment upgrades and additional training. You can expect Bay Plastics Machinery service experts to preserve and enhance your equipment reliability.

Do-it-yourself Preventative Maintenance forms

If you have elected to establish your own Preventative Maintenance Program use the handy Preventative Maintenance Checklists provided to the right to conduct your preventative maintenance checks.


Educating your personnel on the proper use of your Bay Plastics Machinery equipment will help you get the best performance from your people and your equipment, ultimately making your organization more efficient and more profitable. That’s why we offer training on all of our equipment. We’ll train your people on the proper operation and maintenance of your equipment right at your plant or at our facility. All training sessions can be tailored to your particular requirements.

We would be pleased to quote and arrange for instructions sessions for your Bay Plastics Machinery equipment. To inquire about our training program call (989) 671-9630.