The CXP Pelletizer cuts plastics, not performance.

CXP Strand Pelletizers
Available in 24”, 32” & 40” Rotor

This strand pelletizer is simple to operate, simple to maintain, and features a robust design for heavy throughput.  No tools are required to open the exterior noise cover and cutting chamber of the pelletizer, or to remove the upper feedroll for general maintenance and cleaning.  The CXP Pelletizer can pelletize the entire range of thermoplastics, from rubber-like strands to brittle, fragile, and glass reinforced thermoplastics.  The CXP Pelletizers are designed for constant use and extreme working conditions and have a heavy-gauge stainless steel construction.

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The CXP pelletizers offer our customers a proven design.

Advantages over the competition

  • 12’ (300mm) diameter rotor.
  • Isolation coupler removes side load on the rotor shaft eliminating deflection.
  • Larger diameter rotor provides higher standard tooth count on rotor – increased production at lower rotor RPM.
  • Standard 48 tooth stellite/(optional upgrade) standard 40 tooth carbide rotor.
  • Push/pull bed knife for cutting gap control—using the push/pull design to control the cutting gap is more accurate than eccentric
  • Use of traditional ball bearings for the rotor bearings, allows for much higher RPM than spherical roller
  • Large, adjustable stroke pneumatic cylinders mounted on top of cutting chamber– 2 1/2” bore cylinders offer greater pulling force than the competition and the location opens up the front of the cutting chamber for easier cleanout and
  • Easy clean out—tool less entry to the cutting chamber, slide out discharge chute, eliminated hang up points, etc.

Other Features

  • Safety: A safety interlock system. There are no pinch points which can be reached with the sound hood in place.
  • Clean ability: Our robust design is extremely rugged with its slide rail system. The use of clamps makes it easy to release the pressure without having to deal with loose hand knobs which can be damaged or lost.
  • Repairable Stellite Rotors: If the rotor tooth is damaged, bent or completely broken out we can repair a single tooth or all of them. This is possible due to the proprietary welding process developed by Bay Plastics Machinery.
  • Other Standards: Eccentric mounted bearings for lower feedroll gap settings; four edge solid tungsten carbide bed knife; 48 tooth Stellite tipped rotor; special diamond knurled lower feedroll; Hypalon covered upper feedroll; AC variable frequency drive
Pelletizer Type CXP24 CXP32 CXP40
Strand Rating 1/8 in. 150 200 250
Std. Strand Speed FPM 140-330 140-330 140-330
Std. Motor Size HP/kw 50 (37kw) 60 (45kw) 75 (55kw)
Type of Drive AC Variable Frequency Inverter
A (Nominal Feed Width) Inches/met 24” (600) 32” (800) 40” (1000)
B (Base Width) inches 84” 92” 100”
Weight (estimated) Lbs
Rotor Diameter Inches/met 12” (300) 12” (300) 12” (300)
Lower Feed Roll Dia Inches/met 4.25” (108) 4.25” (108) 4.25” (108)
Upper Feed Roll Dia Inches/met 2.25” (57) 2.25” (57) 2.25” (57)