To get the best quality pellets you need to remove the cooling water from the strands prior to cutting.  The XVAK series vacuum air knife removes more residual water from strands.

Unlike conventional air knives, which dry strands using pressurized air that pushes water off the strands and typically on to the plant floor, the XVAK air knife uses negative air pressure (vacuum) to remove residual water and unlike traditional air knifes the XVAK collects the water and allows it to be directed either back into the process or to a drain.

The key to the XVAK system is the vacuum head and strand comb design.  The strand comb is designed so that each strand nest into a slot in the comb that allows vacuum to be pulled on all areas of the strand, removing the water from the entire strand.  The XVAK also use a filter-less water separation process, eliminating maintenance time, and the need for pricy filters.  The stainless steel construction of the XVAK air knife prevents corrosion.  The XVAK is also available with an optional sound enclosure, a quick change strand comb to allow quick changes of the strand comb for varying number of strands, and a variable speed drive to allow control of the amount of vacuum for micro pellet applications.

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